Original Gourmet Granola

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Vanilla Bean Flavor:
Vanilla bean mixed flavors
Tahitian beans lend a floral and creamy flavor.
Spirit Flavor:
Cane Rum
Cane Rum has a mellow sweetness and smooth flavor.

You’ll love what we’ve done to granola! Our gluten-free recipe uses our premium Vain vanilla extract and each tasty cluster contains high-quality, delicious ingredients. Every mouth-watering bite of our Original Gourmet Granola is packed with puffed grains, rolled oats, and a heavenly mix or our house made vanilla syrup and a matchless mixture of warm spices. Whether you want to top off your yogurt, make a parfait extra perfect, bake some cookies that will earn extra credit, or you just want a healthy snack, reach into a bag of Vain Original Gourmet Granola and get crunching!

Ingredients: Rolled oats, water, canola oil, sugar, macadamia nuts, almonds, puffed brown rice, vanilla extract, coconut flakes, powdered egg whites, salt, ground cinnamon, puffed amaranth, puffed millet, spices, contains egg, tree nuts.


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12 oz (340.2 g)
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Original Gourmet Granola

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