Citrus Vanilla Drops

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Vanilla Bean Flavor:
Vanilla bean mixed flavors
floral aromas and bright clean flavor
Spirit Flavor:
Orange Spirit
Premium vodka infused naturally with fresh orange peels for bright citrus flavor

It's hard to smell citrus without putting a smile on your face! That's the driving reason behind infusing premium vodka with freshly peeled oranges, an all-natural process that fills us with happiness. This orange spirit is then used to extract the floral tones of vanilla, resulting in a fresh and bright flavors that excel in everyday use. These Citrus Vanilla Drops are our newest addition to the Drops line and are a foolproof way to dress up hot tea, a yogurt bowl, fresh fruit, or even sparkling water with a dash of agave syrup! Sold in an easy to carry 2 oz bottle with a dropper lid.


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Net WT:
2 oz (59 ml)
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Citrus Vanilla Drops
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